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"From stereotype to archetype"

17 October- 18 December 2021
Arch Contemporary
Tiverton, Rhode Island, USA  

During my residency at Arch Contemporary, I produced two series of sculptures. The first was based on two 3-D scanned/printed figures that were slip-cast in multiples and then differentiated through various interventions. The resulting figures were fired in oxidation, reduction and salt-fired. The other series was composed of created through the amalgamation of slip-cast figures after a vintage figurine which was altered through the addition of material that transformed the aesthetic into an estrangement effect. Underglaze, glaze and overglaze were used for decoration of both series.

These sculptures that are produced with slip-cast molds, taken from 3-D scans of contemporary individuals 3-D printed in clay, or from historical figurines, serve as a pretext to realize a transformation and arrive at a "sculptural subject" that is both individual and original. A constant of the variations that propel the sculptures towards continuous regeneration is the attempt to establish the stroboscopic range of human essence. A prolific group of complementary figures is formed that fills the void between two opposed poles of existence. Porelli’s figures are an example of pure creativity that expresses an incessant impetus for discovery of the infinite nuances of which the mysterious world of reality is composed. They are a grand exercise in metamorphoses, transience and relativity of the creative process, that through an inverse process, converts the stereotype into the archetype.


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