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"II Porzellanbiennale Meissen" 2018

12 August-4 November
Albrechtsburg, Meissen, Germany


An installation made during the Blanc de Chine ICAA residency in the porcelain centre of Dehua in 2017 that combines traditional Chinese figurative art with a contemporary Western aesthetic.
In "Couples", two prototypes (M/F), realised with 3-D printing, were moulded, slip-cast, then completed with slip-cast elements taken from the Chinese workshops. Traditional bases for Eastern deities, in combination with Western figures, lose their ancient context but gain a new and unexpected aesthetic. The original significance of the added elements is subverted by their placement on the face of the figurines as a kind of mask, emphasising the obliviousness of contemporary mankind. In other cases, traditional elements are clasped in the hand as citations of a time-revered past but decontextualized for the modern world. The porcelain is unglazed to exalt the natural beauty of the raw material. 
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