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"Divinities + Idols" 2018

23 August-1 September
Heidmann Art Salon @Haw Contemporary
Kansas City, MO, USA


From the beginning I was not animated by a pre-established project but I was oriented towards what slowly took form from a necessity to model decisive images of positive character to flank all of those in negation that usually characterise my visionary approach to reality. A numerous group of complementary figures was formed that chaotically fill the void between the two opposed poles of existence. 

Seen from outside they seem a variable series of divinities or idols depending on whether they lead us towards ourselves or distance ourselves. From another point of view that are a grand army of metamorphoses, transitory and relative elements of the creative process. A constant of the variations that drive the sculptures towards a continuous regeneration the schizophrenic attempt to establish the stratospheric range of the human essence. Here for the first time, the individualisation of "positive" subjects made it possible to create a balanced pantheon and harmonise the effects of the expressive impact on reality. It is like participating in an ancient carnival in which the mask that reflects a mythological order corresponds with the true resemblance of which we are made. 


Works produced exclusively with slip-cast plaster molds that play with multiples as a protest to exercise a transformation and arrive at a "sculptural object", individual and autonomous where however one continues to feel the matrix of the mild of serial character not made by the artist. I had the opportunity to work in centers of Chinese ceramics, Jingdezhen and Dehua, and to develop this methodology that is used masterfully/expertly in these  cities. On my return from China, I wanted to continue to work in the same way, using figurines similar to those of Meissen or Sevres and with the assistence of a local moldmaker for the molds. Starting from an pre-existent impersonal figure provoked a reaction in me to contaminate the subject, taking advantage of the concept of creative material that wandering in historical and interior space concentrates on certain images to then disintegrate anew in pure material. A ready-made image as if off the shelf, an idea of the figure that can serve to give birth to a new genesis that was the starting point. 

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