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"Humanae Terrae" 2017

curated by Claudia Casali

7 July-4 August, 2017
Honos Art, Rome, Italy
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Double solo show with Sophie Aguilera Lester.

(Text by Claudia Casali)

Sophie Aguilera Lester and Paolo Porelli’s latest double exhibition Humanae Terrae at Galleria Honos Art (June 7 – August 4, 2017) features ceramics works which encourage viewers to investigate the theme of narration between symbolism and myth, a universal subject, wide-spread and popular in contemporary poetics.

If Sophie Aguilera Lester uses ceramics as a means to express themes tied to abandonment, memory and childhood, Paolo Porelli renders it a fundamental element to highlight the effects that consumer society has on the planet earth. The first, charging her creations with symbolism, ties them to popular culture and the unconscious impulses of the ego. She recounts the fragility of her characters in a delicate and profoundly feminine manner, as in the sculpture Niña con flores.

Porelli, on the contrary, concentrates on the human figure, rendering it the prototype of Western culture. He creates new divinities of modern society, as in his Idoli metallici (Metallic Idols), personifications of the concepts that animate them.


In Humanae Terrae male and female encounter each other and their confrontation gives life to a brilliant, new and irreverent narration. An element shared by the artists, from cultural and generational paths, is certainly figuration sustained through the forms of everyday life and veiled irony, of the present and the past, beyond normal temporal limits, creating new and unusual syntheses where nothing is orderly and everything appears to be experienced as an epiphany. Implicit and emotional connections are forged with the spectator engaged in the experiential narrative that is suggested, the fruit of memories, images, everyday and historicized emotions that emerge as subconscious.

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