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Artist statement

Porelli began his expressive experience as a painter, taking his degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, then turned to ceramic sculpture in response to a need for physicality, volume and chromatic material. According to Porelli “I have always used an anthropomorphic figure as a metaphor for reality, an amalgamation of personal experience, perceptual aspects and art-historical idioms.” 

With his sculpture, Porelli wants to provide access to an archetypal dimension of reality, condensing surrealist contaminations, Pop proliferations and archaic symbolism in his visual language. The anthropomorphic inventions that he elaborates produce an estrangement effect of the figuration, creating iconographic absurdities and a new mythology of the present. With his human repertory, Porelli emphasizes the critical issues of contemporary mankind and all the phenomena that underlie society, including the unsustainability of civilization as a development model and its incompatibility with nature.

His sculpture becomes an example of cultural eclecticism and historical nomadism, representing stylistically the expressive globalization of creation. In addition to painting, Porelli's work finds its preferred expressive technique in ceramics, both for the connection of this material with the ancestral roots of man, and due to its versatility, which offers him the opportunity to express current, modern and contemporary concepts.

Sculptures produced primarily with slip-cast or press molds, taken from historical figurines or 3-D scans of contemporary individuals, serve as a pretext to realize a transformation and arrive at a "sculptural subject" that is both individual and original. A constant of the variations that propel the sculptures towards continuous regeneration is the attempt to establish the stroboscopic range of human essence. A prolific group of complementary

figures is formed that fills the void between two opposed poles of existence.

Porelli’s figures are an example of pure creativity that expresses an incessant impetus for discovery of the infinite nuances of which the mysterious world of reality is composed. They are a grand exercise in metamorphoses, transience and relativity of the creative process, that through an inverse process, converts the stereotype into the archetype.

9 Over-Stimulated  2010, glazed stoneware,  51h x 28 x 14 cm, 7 lbs._edited.jpg
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