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2022, Made at The Bray

Helena, MT

As visiting artist at The Archie Bray Foundation in August, I created a new series titled "Green Regeneration.   In this series, I wanted to accentuate the positive and focus on regeneration, creating a series "Green Regeneration". Inspired by my stay in the Voulkos studio, I combined wheel-thrown and hand-built elements and then added 3D printed parts and organic materials dipped in slip. The figures are larger than many of my slip-cast pieces based on 3D prototypes, ranging in height from 53 to 71cm.


The last 4 works represent a more radical use of the 3D printer, composing individual statues from various 3D printed elements, both figurative and non. This strategy of working loosely with the parts, stacking, pulling and adhering, swiping with additional layers of Clat and slip, takes 3D printing, often overly rigid, orderly and dominated by the horizonality of the layers, and gives it a complexity of surface and deep time. Organic materials gathered on the prairie were dipped in slip to complete the works and situate them firmly in the Montana ecosystem. The series was unified by the use of a lithium green glaze.


Many thanks to The Bray for the invitation and to the Lighton International Artist Exchange Program for funding.

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